Stop Smoking Cigarettes with Nicorette India that gives easy ways to cut down smoking gradually

Leave Smoking with 4-Steps using NICORETTE®

Step 1

Start cutting down
(0-6 weeks)*

Set a target number of cigarettes to cut down and a date to do it by. (Minimum 50% reduction in cigarette smoking is recommended for best results).

If you are used to smoking 15 or 16 cigarettes each day, aim to replace eight of those cigarettes with NICORETTE® Gum. This means every second time you want a cigarette, use NICORETTE® Gum to manage your cigarette cravings instead.

* If you have not cut down within six weeks ask your Healthcare Professional eg. Doctor, Pharmacist or Nurse for advice.


Step 2

Continue cutting down
(6 weeks up to 6 months)*

Continue cutting down your cigarettes.

Use NICORETTE® to manage your cigarette cravings as needed.

Your aim is to completely stop smoking within six months. As you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, your desire to smoke should also reduce. Instead of now smoking seven or eight cigarettes each day, you should be smoking just three or four before stopping completely.

However, every smoker is different – so cut down at your own pace.

* If you have not managed to stop smoking by nine months ask your Healthcare Professional eg. Doctor, Pharmacist or Nurse for advice.


Step 3

Stop smoking
(within 9 months)

Stop all cigarettes as soon as you feel able.

Continue to use NICORETTE® Gum to manage cigarette cravings as needed.

You should now feel ready to throw all your cigarettes away. The decision is still a tough one to make but remember, NICORETTE® Gum is there when you need it.


Step 4

(within 12 months)

Use of NICORETTE® Gum is cut down then stopped completely (within three months of stopping smoking).

You have successfully cut down your cigarettes then stopped smoking. You are now ready to do the same with NICORETTE® Gum. It is worth keeping any product that is left over to control any cigarette cravings in the weeks ahead.

Leave Smoking Cigarettes with Nicorette® Gums